Banking Barometer

Our Barometer Reports help you quickly and easily understand what is driving coverage across both social and mainstream channels.

Some key highlights from January and February 2012 reports:

  • Bonuses and the political storm surrounding this were the most prolific topic in January. Whilst not unexpected it is interesting that the impact was significant across social media channels given the emotive subject matter. In addition the Eurozone impacted volumes as the volatile market continued.
  • Banking share of voice was dominated by RBS and mentions of Stephen Hester in both mainstream and social channels. A clear link being made to Hester's bonus stimulated much conversation across social forums and instigated some direct tweets.
  • In February, the number of mainstream articles increased by 13% from January. This was largely driven by the varying results being delivered throughout the month, with the resulting commentary being dominated by Barclays and RBS. Social media made less impact (-26% compared with January), with noise focusing on RBS's results.

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